The Battle Bunnies Dragon Eggs: Phase 1


The Battle Bunnies Dragon Eggs: Phase 1

The Battles Bunnies presents: Light Dragons Valkyries have always been the guardians of the Dragon Eggs in Imagin√ľk Falls for as long as anyone can remember.

Finishing out the Series-1 Collection following along with the release of the 1st Novel, "The Battle Bunnies and the Unlikely Spartan", Dragons are coming.

Watch your Dragon eggs as they hatch as either a Baby, Mature or Elder. Join the weekly Birthday parties to see if your newborn gets a gift! Other utilities include Signed Canvas Prints, each mint being a raffle ticket for the 1 of 1 Samurai General NFT ending this phase of Dragons. Each and every Dragon Holder gets a signed unique trading card of their final Dragon or UnHatchable Egg NFT. UnHatchable Egg's cards are Holographic & sealed in Acrylic. All Dragon Holders get the ability to name their Dragons and add to the rich lore of the Battle Bunnies possibly being added to the Novels, trading card game and future animations.

There are 6 types of Eggs, 25 different total with 3 being airdropped for free exclusively to specific Holders. These eggs will be hatching into 10 different breeds of Dragons matching the colors of their eggs. Male & Female Dragons each hailing from a different part of the Bunnyverse and identified by the origin on the NFT itself.

Dynamic metadata, special utility for collecting them all, special bond between Valkyries & their eggs connected to the blockchain, all tied into the lore of the Grimoire.

Join us in Discord to find out more & may your magical seither be always full.

Launch date: April 12, 2023
777 NFTs

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