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Season 2023 Results

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NFT of the Year

There was so much excitement each month when we celebrated the most outstanding NFT artworks. However, all this time we were moving towards one pivotal moment – the most significant day – to witness which NFT project will emerge victorious as the ultimate NFT of the Year of the NFT Design Awards.

And here it is – a moment fit for a drumroll!

Give a standing ovation to the NFT of the Year – "Ancient Trees" by Mahsa Ahadi.

Ancient Trees

Final score: 7.02

NFT of the Month

For one year, experts from various industries who make part of the jury of the NFT Design Awards have daily evaluated a batch of artworks in the categories of aesthetics, fundamentals, and innovation. Each month there was a winning NFT project, the highest-rated out of ~250 other contenders, which topped the list of 10 best NFTs of the month.

Please meet the highest rated NFT art projects of the Season 2023.

Marine Overdose

December 2022

Final score: 7.82



January 2023

Final score: 8.19


Anxiety Disorders (Editions)

February 2023

Final score: 7.39


The Vitruvian Mind

March 2023

Final score: 7.14


Editions by Jaana

April 2023

Final score: 7.13

The Apothecatry

May 2023

Final score: 6.92


City Garden

June 2023

Final score: 6.94


Luca Rossi
White Moon. Black Moon

July 2023

Final score: 6.92

BioTech BuzzBee

August 2023

Final score: 6.99

Message Au Parasite

September 2023

Final score: 7.11

Hallo Yokai

October 2023

Final score: 7.13


November 2023

Final score: 7.48

NFT of the Day winners by blockchain

  • Ethereum – 291🏆
  • Polygon – 24🏆
  • Tezos – 20🏆
  • Solana – 12🏆
  • Cardano – 6🏆

Most Active Judges

🥇 Gerardo Prieto

Art Curator and Entrepreneur

Total votes: 2860

Gerardo's highest rated NFTs:

🥈 Danitta Push

Professional Artist and Curator

Total votes: 2057

Danitta's highest rated NFTs:

🥉 Dominik Heldt

Digital Artist (1/1 and GIFs)

Total votes: 1741

Dominik's highest rated NFTs:

Most Active Community Members

🥇 Luca Rossi

Pixel Artist & Sci-Fi/Fantasy Artist

NFT of the Day Awards: 17x🏆

🥈 Cristina Rigoselli

Digital artist, NFT creator

NFT of the Day Awards: 13x🏆

🥉 Elena Callegaro

Photographer and Digital Artist

NFT of the Day Awards: 7x🏆

NFT of the Month trophies

NFT Design Awards winners deserve recognition not just in words!

In April, we introduced immutable award tokens for our monthly competition winners. These distinctive awards were minted by our team and sent directly to the wallets of the artists behind the winning projects.

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Humanity Art marathon

In Partnership with

From June 6th to 8th, 2023, over 100 human artists came together for the “Humanity” event, part of Faerian’s Chapter 2. They were creating art live, 24/7 on Twitch and YouTube, inspired by prompts submitted by the public on

This unique event took place during the NFC Lisbon conference, where a new collection of art come to life in real-time, offering an immersive experience for the remote audience.

  • 4,500+ spectators
  • 100+ human artists
  • 72 hours of LIVE art
  • 25 selected artworks
Read full report with photos on

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Founder and Lead Dev

Marina Hikm

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