NFT of the Day December 01, 2022


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A collection of psychedelic colored, surreal portraits. All Tripsters are high quality files and can be printed for your wall.

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NFT of the Day November 30, 2022
Mystic Girls Club
NFT of the Day November 29, 2022
Malachai Rising
NFT of the Day November 28, 2022

Frequently asked questions

Launched in 2022, NFTDA is an international NFT design and development award platform that honors and showcases solo creators, studios and teams for innovation in the NFT design field.

NFTDA works with an international panel of expert judges. Winners are rewarded with official certificates, mentions in media and large industry newsletters along with thousands of daily visitors.

Every project gets its own presentation page on the platform and is thoroughly evaluated by expert judges, many of whom are collectors and investors themsleves.

Every NFT has a chance to become a winner.

Immediate mentions in our Discord server (50,000 members), in our weekly newsletter (30,000 subscribers) and social media accounts with more than 50,000 combined subscribers.

Every NFT the Day winner will get to participate in a drawing for NFT of the Month and then potentially in a challenge for NFT of the Year, which can increase project exposure significantly.

Your project goes to the moderation queue. After our team approves your submission, it becomes a Nominee and gets scheduled for evaluation by judges. This process may take several days.

After 10 successful evaluations by our jury, the project gets drafted to one of the upcoming days with several competing projects. Only one project from a batch becomes the NFT of the Day.

Up to 10 projects.

The score will only be visible to NFT of the Day winners. We guarantee that every project will be evaluated by at least 10 judges before it gets its final score.

We take all judge scores and remove 2 that deviate from the average in any direction. Then the average among the remaining 8 scores becomes the final score.

The project is free.

You can apply using this form.