Platypus Royal Club was created for those who consider themselves a king and feel like a platypus in their hearts.

Platypus Royal Club is a unique NFT collection of 10,000 images. It consists of the most beautiful platypuses from different universes. We created this collection for that to contribute to art. It is the best among the existing ones. Each platypus is a separate person and issues a membership card. You will receive benefits that will only be available to owners. In the future, we are going to develop our brand and our products will be produced under its name. We want people to pay attention to the problems associated with platypuses. At the moment platypuses are listed in the Red Book. We will donate part of the proceeds to support the platypus and try to improve the situation. Let's fight together for the life of these beautiful animals.

Launch date: March 22, 2023
10000 NFTs

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