Experience the world of Primes - a collection of 1575 unique and endlessly animated & controllable NFTs stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain.


The collection includes 1575 unique NFTs Each PRIMES token is created on the Ethereum blockchain and its image is stored on-chain The image file format is Scalable Vector Graphic, allowing it to be scaled to any size without losing quality The artwork is endlessly animated and controllable Your wallet address is used as a seed to enable or disable the animations, creating a personalized experience


Prime numbers hold many mysteries, and their distribution appears unpredictable. Given their unique characteristics, they constitute intriguing raw material for exploration.

Observing alignments and searching for patterns within prime numbers may reveal a hidden order or sequence within the sequence. They are a mysterious material that holds great potential for discovery.

What is Primes?

A generative art collection of 1575 unique NFTs.

Each artwork is created as a Scalable Vector Graphic, ensuring that the quality is preserved at any size.

The animations are not only endless, but they are also controllable. By simply clicking on an artwork, you can start or stop its animation, which results in a unique and personalized experience.

Additionally, the time dimension adds another layer to the experience, allowing for a wide range of interactive possibilities. This feature helps to identify a prime number’s position within the series and enhances the overall value of the collection.

“Primes brings out harmony from disorder„


The Primes collection is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each PRIMES token contains a unique base64 encoded SVG image that is stored directly on the blockchain, without the need for any third-party services. This ensures a fully decentralized and Web3 experience.

When you mint a PRIMES token, your wallet address is used as a seed to enable or disable each animation, creating a special and personal relationship between you and your token. This means that every PRIMES owner has a one-of-a-kind and personalized experience with their token.

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Launch date: June 01, 2023
1575 NFTs

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