Bone Lightning Bunch


Bone Lightning Bunch

The Bone Lightning Bunch are brought to you by FelmoLabs. The collection is pure art, the defining feature being the electric skeleton, derived from fashion and chemical engineering.

The Bone Lightning Bunch. Looking to Light up your blockchain. The collection will be 10,000 strong, dominated by the synonymous electric skeleton Logo. This Logo was designed almost 35 years ago by an aspiring fashion designer.

The collection draws its roots from fashion and chemical engineering. The two opposites collide to create the Bone Lightning Bunch. The collection brings a new look to the NFT space, long gone are the days of pixel art and 3/4 portraits, we bring something new, fresh and never-before done.

Each NFT will have only 3 traits, being minimalistic here. The collection will not lack variety however. This will be achieved through nearly 200 traits all-round. The 3 traits symbolise the 3 founders of FelmoLabs, Fel, Mo and Verino. Our story can found at the Thuder Mountain.

Come and get electrified with us!

Launch date: July 08, 2023
10000 NFTs
Bitcoin Ordinals

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