Off The Chain Bulldogz (OTCB)


Off The Chain Bulldogz (OTCB)

Off The Chain Bulldogz(OTCB) is PFP NFT, based on Blockchain Technology. Our slogan is 'Be free'

Off The Chain Bulldogz (OTCB) is PFP NFT, based on Blockchain Technology The planned number of publications is total 5,000 and we are aiming at releasing 1,000 per season for each theme in a total of five seasons.

Our slogan is 'Be free'. So, we dream of freedom and liberation, we bring families together, we strive to ensure that all members feel a deep sense of connection and belonging. The size of OTCB super high-quality image in '1368X1368' is made for OTCB holders to create various outputs.

Launch date: December 07, 2022
1000 NFTs


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