BAU strives to be the sexiest collection alive on the polygon blockchain

BadApeUnit is a 10001 fair, rewarding, unique apes with a complexe layers merging system to make it seem impossible to generate. Created by UltraRealistic artist : Saiy L, Mexem. All apes are gathering together forming a mosaic with a code name " Unite sans frontieres ". Unite sans frontieres : is a mosaic formed by the holders, each holder will automatically fill a spot coresponding to his Ape(s) number on a big empty mosaic by importing a (text, pic, .... whatever) after ownership verification automatically on the website, if the community feel it right we'll make it an annual event and print it once each year (on a big city event ) too good to be true ! ^^

Holders also can form thier full ape by collecting and assembling it via a 1155 token to what correspond the fur trait. In the end people who spot details and hardcore fans deserve a special traitement we have hints and legendary apes can be spotted on the website and/or after mint, they are NFTs with 100% big rewarding potential, to give our community a more satisfying ownership, reinvestment and increasing the floor price that benifits every single owner...

Launch date: October 02, 2022
10001 NFTs


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