The Dead Clowns Society


The Dead Clowns Society

8 hand drawn 1/1s which featured in my first NFT collection on Stacks - 'The Dead Clowns Society'.

The Dead Clowns Society was the first NFT collection that I released on Stacks and as an NFT artist. The collection features 8 detailed hand-drawn 1/1s. I think that they demonstrate a high level of experimentation working within the base and all the pieces were inspired by movies, music or personal experience:

  • Birthday Celebrations: Inspired when I went to a friends birthday party
  • Say Hi to AI: Inspired by the increased prevalence of AI within everyday life
  • Costume Party: Inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas - made me think of Halloween and the default ghost costume I used to wear as a kid
  • Target Practice: Inspired loosely by the story of William Tell
  • Neon Glow: Inspired by my interest in American Rave Culture as well as Pride
  • In Love: Inspired by my love for all things pink - tried to add as many hearts and as much pink as possible
  • Chemical Romance: Inspired by the emo scene and the band My Chemical Romance
  • Toxic Waste: Inspired by my learning about Chernobyl and its radioactivity

It sold out and as a result was the driving force behind me continuing to create as it connected me with a lovely and supportive community, I am incredibly fond and proud of this collection. I think that each piece is equally unique and fun and displays fun creative ideas.

Launch date: July 02, 2024
8 NFTs

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