Passion for Geometry


Passion for Geometry

My passion for geometric abstraction made me learn the skills of 3d design. I create geometric abstract NFT art showing the stunning, real-like magic of virtual refractions and reflections.

Originally I am a mixed media painter, but lately I deepdived into digital creation and I love it! Innovative technology offers new opportunities of creation and extra layers of interpretation. I learned how to design 3d objects and animations with Blender, attending courses and watching tutorials. It was a sensation for me to experience that anything you can imagine can be produced digitally! For example I made a 3D experiment: I created a 3D sphere with reflective, but beautifully manufactured surface, then used different backgrounds to observe the change of the surface. There are sensational real-like reflections of the environment on the sphere!

Another process was to create striped digital pictures that were animated so that the colours and shapes melted into each other, just like thoughts and emotions are interfering in our minds! The refractions generated by the animation are really amazing.

Launch date: October 16, 2023
66 NFTs

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