Kotlyar Foundation


Kotlyar Foundation

Kotlyar Foundation - this is the Next Generation of collections of 10,000 unique digital assets. This is a serious step towards kindness, compassion and generosity.

The Kotlyar Foundation has released unique NFT collection, the code base of which is based on crypto philanthropy, which allows a person not only to take an active position in relation to life, it makes him the creator of this life. These NFTs are not just collectible digital assets, but valuable next-generation assets with multiple use cases in the physical and virtual world. Matryoshka KF - this is the Next Generation of digital assets and digital artworks that embodies the life path of a person from birth. This is a symbol of the multidimensionality and multilayeredness of the universe and man and his energy bodies.

Launch date: November 08, 2023
10000 NFTs

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