Freaky Daisy Casting Show


Freaky Daisy Casting Show

Welcome to the Freaky Daisy Casting Show — where normal is the new rare. A collection by Flodai & friends: There's a lot of frippery in the world. This is our share.

7777 freaky daisies showcase their unique looks on a quest to find a (loving) home.

Be aware: Owners may use their daisies in any way they see fit.

To top it up: Owners get the chance to win one of three totally ultra-rare orange daisies — yes, orange! Not yellow!

Why is orange the new special?

7777 unique daisies hide in the Optimism marketplace. They have blue, pink, white and/or yellow petals; the latter is particularly rare. None of them has orange petals though ... coz obviously orange doesn’t come natural to a daisy! Still — against all evolutional odds — three orange daisies made it to the metaverse. Why they’re orange? We don’t know ... but we have suspicion something dodgy has been going on with their seeds.

So how does the drop work?

Quantum physics apply. The daisies are there — hiding somewhere in the Quix metaverse. All of them have all traits and no traits at the same time. Only when observed (aka minted) they will reveal their traits. In other words: This is a randomized drop.

The pre-sale takes place on January 16th. Before the pre-sale seven giveaways will be minted and distributed.

The public sale takes place on January 17th.

The Orange Daisy Draw takes place on February 17th.

How to get a Giveaway?

Daisies don’t like being abandoned in some random wallet, so we’re doing this behind their back ... If you take a seat on the Pre-Sale list you will automatically participate in the draw to receive one of the SEVEN free daisy giveaways.

How does the Orange Daisy Draw work?

Good news is: All owners of daisies will automatically participate in the draw (one entry per wallet). Bad news is: Only three lucky winners will receive a unique daisy with orange petals. Good news is: At least three lucky winners will receive a unique daisy with orange petals. More good news is: The daisies will be minted and automatically transferred to the winning wallets.

Launch date: January 17, 2023
7777 NFTs

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