A surreal story of a lost love. It is the NFT equivalent of an oil painting created by me, Georgiou A. Georgios.

A lost love... A sureal story from my past that i wanted to express with a painting on a canvas.

It is made in oils. From the first sketches and the composition till the final glazes, it took several weeks to "feel" completed. I used many glazes especialy on her garnet.

In this picture everything matters and has of some importance. Lots of symbolisms that only I and the potential buyers would know. Even the time on the clock is significant... It is going to be part an oil painting collaction (6 pieces but might go up to 12) named "Abysall Waters". I have till May to finsih them.

Physical Artwork size 70x100 cm or 28x40 inches!

1 physical Artwork, 1 NFT for sale!

Launch date: January 31, 2023
1 NFTs


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