Train your adorable Decentralized Doggie and complete with other DeDoggie owners. Trade, play, and breed DeDoggies on our Ethereum based platform today.

You Are in for a Treat!

Before you embark on your DeDoggies journey, sit and paws for a moment to see what makes DeDoggies unique.

To start training from the beginning mint a new DeDoggie, or buy a pre-loved DeDoggie from the marketplace. Earn points by training your DeDoggie at Puppy School and redeem them for rare traits. Breed two DeDoggies to make a new DeDoggie with traits based on their parents. Put your DeDoggie owner skills to the test and compete against other DeDoggie owners, for keeps!

Generation 1 consists of 10,000 adorable DeDoggie NFTs available to collect, breed, and train! Compete in DeDoggies Puppy School multiplayer game. Join the Discord and follow us on Twitter to be notified as more details are released.

Join the growing community of DeDoggie enthusiasts by minting yours today! Join our Discord server and chat with other Doggie owners, and organise dog competitions!

Launch date: April 01, 2024
10000 NFTs

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