DebrisBurst from H3RB5 collection


DebrisBurst from H3RB5 collection

Each NFT artwork corresponds to a physical object, a manufactured translucent glass disk etched with a unique 'seed' image using light and translucent ink.

Project “H3RB5” is a radical reinterpretation of a traditional nature morts genre. However, Trachtenberg's approach is far from traditional. He uses digital point cloud data to capture the essence of living plants, creating digital proxies that transcend the physical form. This innovative approach is a thoughtful commentary on the ways we perceive and interact with nature in our increasingly texhnolyzed society.

As Walter Benjamin puts it, we live in the age of mechanical reproduction, objects can be manufactured, copied and 3D printed. All images including NFTs can be copied and redistributed.

In H3RB5 collection however the artwork itself is the 3D illusion effect, that can be only experienced in real life in presence of a real unique object. A beacon of authenticity in the age of mechanical reproduction, refers to chiralium and etherium blockchain technology as its foundation.

Each NFT artwork corresponds to a physical object, a manufactured translucent glass disk etched with a unique 'seed' image using light and translucent ink.

This point cloud data image is not a still life in the traditional sense, but a digital representation of a plant, collected and refined in a complex multi-step digital arts process using software and digital painting technique. The result is a captivating blend of digital and analogue creative techniques forging synergy that is both innovative and deeply rooted in the tradition of nature morts painting.

By using etherium blockchain technology to present, sell, and track physical artworks online, he is making a commentary on the crypto-art speculation market, which often puts profit ahead of aesthetics.

Each H3RB5 NFT proxy serves as an authenticity certificate for the real physical artwork, a guarantee that no copies of the object can be produced, thus ensuring that each glass disk is unique.

The H3RB5 project reflects Trachtenberg's vision of a future where parts of the world population live in a permanent virtual reality lockdown, experiencing the outside world only through tele-augmentation. This concept is embodied in H3RB5 project, which transcends the physical bodies of plants into their digital proxies, re-conceptualizing the process of collecting herbariums and botanical archive displays.

The 'H3RB5' series can be viewed live at the Berlin permanent installation location at Kwia, and in Vienna at the WAF gallery as part of the Tense Fields exhibition supported by the Wiener Art Foundation. Under the name Holden Cumfield Trachtenberg the artist hosts live electro-acoustic music events HOLD celebrating live experimental electronic music concerts with new drops and EP releases, creating a vibrant and dynamic space for art and music lovers.

The H3RB5 project is a captivating exploration of intersections between both physical and digital domains, and traditional art forms with modern digital arts methods. A testament to the potential of blockchain technology to be used as a tool for preserving the authenticity of physical artworks in the age of mechanical reproduction. Infiltrating the NFT arts space with physical work, it reflects on the current state of the art market, suggesting a vision of a future where art and technology merge in new ways. At the same time, it is a deeply personal journey and a celebration of the beauty of nature.

Launch date: May 29, 2023
30 NFTs

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