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But how did the expression Hue Br come about? According to a League of Legends game forum, the “huehue” and variations such as “huehuehue” and “hue br” have spread since 2003 through the online game Ragnarok.

At that time, Brazilians migrated to many servers. Not caring about the administrators' rules, they asked for languages ​​to be spoken only with their own language.

Soon, native players began to migrate to other servers, so that they could communicate normally in English, since theirs was invaded by Brazilians.

In early 2004, for disrespecting the language rules, many Brazilians began to be banned from these English servers. And so, they began to organize attacks and form clans against English speakers.

The question “br?” became very well known in the game chats, to identify who was Brazilian there. If the person did not respond in Portuguese, these Brazilian "hue br" players would start chasing, asking for money or cursing the player until he left the game.

Launch date: March 02, 2024
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