BCC Army


BCC Army

BCC.ARMY is a collection of bizarre and unique characters, lovingly hand drawn by the young New Zealand artist, L

Get ready to dive into the world of the extraordinary, my fellow degens! Bizarre Crypto Characters are here to celebrate our uniqueness and eccentricity. That wicked BCC grin? It represents the universal quest for happiness, the thrill of embracing our true selves, and a touch of rebellion against the ordinary. But hey, how you interpret it is totally up to you!

Now, let’s talk about these mind-blowing Bizarre Crypto Characters, created by the one and only L, a badass young artist hailing from New Zealand. This is his very first NFT project, and guess what? You have the chance to get in on the action! Each NFT is a bona fide masterpiece, and by snagging one, you unlock a whole bunch of exclusive perks.

Imagine rocking rad apparel that nobody else can get their hands on, gaining access to top-notch content, and becoming part of an exclusive crew. And that’s just the beginning! There’s even more mind-blowing stuff on the horizon. So don’t be a fool and miss out on this mind-blowing opportunity to collect these wickedly unique characters and unlock a world of pure awesomeness. Get ready to embark on a wild and mind-bending adventure that’ll blow your mind, man!

About the Artist, L

This young artist is a total creative powerhouse, and his love for nature, anime, and gaming shines through in his mind-blowing hand-drawn art.

L kicked things off by minting his very first NFT, Flower Head, on the Solana network back in May 2022. Each and every one of his 1/1 NFTs is completely unique and crafted with pure artistic magic. No fancy AI or algorithm tricks here!

But hey, this is just the beginning of L’s incredible journey. Who knows what mind-bending creations he’ll unleash next? Stay tuned and get ready for a wild ride!

About the Dev

Introducing P, the mastermind web guy working alongside L on this mind-blowing BCC adventure. With serious skills in working with the Solana API, P is about to unleash a storm of mind-blowing features for the BCC NFT ecosystem. Get ready for explosive generative collections, a custom token called “Donuts,” intense 2D games, competitions, and a whole world of edgy awesomeness. Your support is the key to unlocking this next level of epicness.

Vision and Mission:

Building a Thriving Artistic Community Fueled by Creativity, Collaboration, and Prosperity

At the heart of our NFT project lies a bold vision and a compelling mission. We are driven by a passion for art, a desire to foster a vibrant community, and a commitment to creating valuable and rewarding experiences for our community members.

1. Art: L, is on a mission to establish a dynamic platform that transcends traditional boundaries, embracing the limitless possibilities of artistic exploration. From captivating digital creations to awe-inspiring physical masterpieces, L’s vision encompasses diverse mediums, including fashion and lifestyle projects. By pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, we aim to captivate the imagination and leave a lasting impression on art enthusiasts worldwide. 2. Community: Collaboration lies at the core of our values. We believe that vibrant and supportive creative spaces are born through the collective efforts of artists and community members. L is committed to fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment, where artists from various backgrounds can connect, inspire one another, and collectively push the boundaries of creativity. Together, we aspire to create a thriving ecosystem where talent flourishes and bonds are forged. 3. Prosperity: We understand that art possesses inherent value, both aesthetically and economically. With this understanding, L endeavors to produce high-value art pieces and experiences that resonate deeply with our community members. We aim to create a bridge between artistic vision and prosperity by crafting artworks that not only evoke emotions but also hold intrinsic and financial worth. By owning and participating in our NFT projects, community members can share in the rewards, both tangible and intangible, that come from being a part of our artistic journey.

Our overarching goal is to create a sustainable and prosperous ecosystem that benefits both the artists and the community. We believe that by nurturing creativity, embracing collaboration, and delivering exceptional art experiences, we can forge a path where art thrives, community flourishes, and prosperity is shared by all.

Launch date: September 02, 2023
99 NFTs

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