Ballsy is a humorous NFT project on the Polygon Blockchain that offers Ballsy NFT Collectors limited edition art prints and original art, backed by 1XRUN.COM

A fugitive elephant named Ballsy is on the run and we need your help finding him! He is currently hiding out on an island where 9,999 endangered elephants live. Ballsy is a party animal and from aerial surveillance it looks like he’s influenced the endangered elephant herd into partying with him. Now it's difficult to determine which one of these Elephants is Ballsy because they all now share similar party traits.

We are recruiting more members onto the Ballsy Search Team to help capture this party animal before his party antics get out of control. Mint a NFT to become a member and to help capture Ballsy!

Launch date: June 14, 2023
10000 NFTs

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