Artifact Ibiza


Artifact Ibiza

Experience the dawn of "Hippiesurrealism", an enchanting blend of Surrealism and 60's/70's Hippie Art, showcased through a collection of 444 one-of-a-kind Ibiza NFT artworks.

The creative force behind this project, artist Anika Mile, has created a fascinating new artistic style she affectionately calls "Hippiesurrealism". It is the result of her artistic vision, a unique fusion between the dreamlike elements of Surrealism and the free-spirited Hippie Art of the 1960s and 1970s.

In her works, Anika Mile unites the essence of both movements: Surreal elements of the subconscious merge with the freedom and spirit of the Hippie movement, opening a new dimension in Ibiza's art world.

With each of the 444 intricately designed NFT artworks, the talented artist invites viewers on a captivating journey into the rich culture and history of Ibiza. From breathtaking landscapes, crystal-clear waters to magical sunsets, lively hippie markets, and iconic architecture - all aspects of the enchanting island's charm have been captured. This includes the old legends and myths that revolve around Ibiza, such as the connection between UFO sightings and Es Vedrá.

The images have a vibrant, partly colorful palette of colors, flowing forms and mystical objects. They transport the viewer into a world beyond the tangible, where reality and fantasy intertwine. But Ibiza's new Hippie Surrealism is more than just aesthetically pleasing. Artist Anika Mile also wants to convey a social and spiritual message:

"By combining the dreams and visions of Surrealism with the free and loving mindset of Hippie Art, I aim to inspire the viewer to think beyond the boundaries of reality and establish a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. With my colorful and slightly psychedelic images, I express my artistic ideals of peace, love, spirituality, and freedom, and in an artistic way, I encourage to engage with the protection of our environment.”

Artifact Ibiza is thus intended to become a powerful tool for Ibiza's sustainability. Anika Mile emphasizes that "the beautiful nature of Ibiza has always played a significant role in her artistic inspiration" and she will donate 25% of the project's proceeds to the renowned conservation organization "Ibiza Preservation".

Launch date: July 01, 2023
444 NFTs

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