Top NFT Projects of the Month, December 2022

Top NFT Projects of the Month, December 2022

The NFT Design Awards platform was officially launched at the end of 2022 to honor the best of the best NFT artists and their collections throughout the NFT space. Every day an expert jury of NFT degens, artists, developers, and other web3-versed profs thoroughly evaluate the NFT artworks in three categories, covering aesthetics, fundamentals, and innovation. After evaluation, all projects are divided into batches of 10, and the best nominee with the highest total score within the given batch becomes the NFT of the Day. Those artworks that haven’t got the NFT of the Day title but stand out with exceptional design or artistic creativity get an Honorable Mention from the jury. 

Throughout December, the jury board of the NFT Design Awards discovered lots of worthy NFT artworks. Each of them is unique in its own way and this proves one more time that the world of art is diverse and the creativity is endless. Nevertheless, the winners are determined. 

Summing up the results of December 2022, the NFT Design Awards honored the top ten NFT Projects of the Month based on the highest scores with Marine Overdose heading the ranking. 

Check them out and get inspired!

TOP 10 NFT Projects of December 2022 

Marine Overdose

Meet a self-taught digital artist, Leafswan, whose creative artwork entitled Marine Overdose became the NFT of the Month with the highest score among all projects in December. This NFT was noted by the experts of the jury board as unsurpassed in all evaluation criteria of the NFT Design Awards. 

Intrusive Thoughts

A multidisciplinary 3D artist Chema Mendez and his Intrusive Thoughts NFT piece gets the second place among top NFT projects of December. This deeply psychological artwork welcomes viewers to the journey to their inner selves. 

Magical Beasts

The vibrant Magical Beasts NFT series by a talented illustrator and graphic artist Mat Miller obviously deserves the highest points for fundamentals. The artist used a variety of tools such as a 0.5mm technical pencil, a pentel pocket brush pen, watercolors, and acrylic ink, just to name a few to create a truly outstanding series. 

Doge to the Moon

Introduce yourself to a characterful NFT artwork named Doge to the Moon by renowned digital artist Daniel Soldano. His recognizable, authentic style guaranteed Daniel a place among the top 20 crypto artists worldwide and a place of honor among the top NFT projects of the NFT Design Awards. 

Surreal Feel

The surreal, eye-catching art by illustrator and 3D artist Killiam guaranteed him a place among the highlights of December of the NFT Design Awards. Dreamlike shapes and unprecedented concepts behind the Surreal Feel NFT series were recognized and highly evaluated by the jury board. 

Organic Evolution

After returning from his latest expedition, a renowned traveler, digital artist, and alchemist Zolharz created 100 images of unimaginably evolved creatures from his travels. The Organic Evolution NFT collection, featuring animalistic imaginary creatures processed in Zolharz's authentic, recognizable style, is worthy to be among the best NFT projects for its unusualness and novelty. 

Digital Renaissance

Diggium is a globally renowned digital AI artist, whose high-tech, supreme works are a unique sublimation of art, technology, design, and machine learning. His immersive NFT collection Digital Renaissance, combining natural scapes with technological elements into beautiful ensembles, is an illustrative example of innovation, aesthetics, and fundamentals of the high level.


The eye-catching PFP series, dubbed Mara by a French collage artist Mara gets its place in the top ten NFT collections by NFT Design Awards for unusual conception. 

Crypto Art Collages

Crypto Art Collages by surrealistic artist WintEagle are filled with multiple characters, bizarre landscapes, and authentic minutiae, providing a viewer with characterful immersive experiences. 

Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming NFT artwork by 2D and 3D artist Marischa Becker welcomes everyone to plunge into a unique, fantastic story, stirring the viewers' imagination. The artist enjoys telling stories through her art, and this one was highly appreciated by the members of the jury board of the NFT Design Awards. 

Honorable Mentions of December 2022

Moon Squad

Anime-inspired NFT collection of the finest androids dubbed Moon Squad is a limited-edition set of PFPs produced with cutting-edge technology by a digital artist and musician Scorch Beats. 150 unique and aesthetically-pleasing and NFTs got an Honorable Mention by the experts of the NFT Design Awards.

Mozaic Hoplites

Another Honorable Mention goes to battle-hardened Mozaic Hoplites PFPs powered by artificial intelligence. The series was created and driven to perfection by the team of digital artists of Mosaic Finance and their craft was noted by the NFT Design Awards jury board. 

Once you are an NFT artist who wants to make a statement in the realm, don’t hesitate to submit your NFT pieces to compete for the NFT of the Day title and become the NFT of the Month in January. May thousands of web3 enthusiasts and collectors see and hear you. Don't miss your chance!